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Glow and Grow your brand.

Glow and Grow your brand.

Glow and Grow your brand.Glow and Grow your brand.


In regards to the recent global events, I wanted to invite you to a FREE webinar connecting us to Peace and Healing during this moment in time.

We are all part of this evolutionary transitional time and we are moving through this global karmic experience together. 

Collectively  using spiritual and scientific proven tools that we ALL have access to,  we're capable of transmuting this virus and fear that has inflicted on  our planet. 

We need to raise the vibes together!

Join Jennifer Grace, myself and a few guest speakers THIS SUNDAY, MARCH 15th at 11am on Zoom.

Positive healing energy has no barriers. 

Dissolving Fear.....The Path of The Humble Healer

When: Sunday, March 15th at 11am EST

Where: Live Online via Zoom.


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